Dues Renewal

Pay your $36.00 renewal dues online via PayPal.

You may use a credit card or a PayPal account. You DO NOT need to create a PayPal account to use this feature:

Playgroups Age Time/Day Coordinator Email Address

up to 1 yr

Mon Jenny Hoffman jhoffman927@hotmail.com
Babybugs 7-22 mo Thur/9:30 am Jamie DeBrosse jwdebrosse@hotmail.com
Babybees 8-16 mo EO Wed/10:30 am Whitney Brewer wwbrewer1@gmail.com
Bumblebees 17-26 mo Mon/3:30 pm Michelle Gillette mgillette@brownpalace.com
Buttercups 2 yr Tues / 11am or Fri 3:30pm Kristin Harris Kristin@8z.com
Butterflies 3-4 yr Fri/9:30 am Margie Burns margaretmaureen@hotmail.com
Rolly Pollies 3 yr Tues 11:30 am Sarah Kozlowski sarahbkoz@gmail.com